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If you notice a termite infestation restricted to a piece of furniture, that is, you verify that there is termite waste only next to a piece of furniture (you are not checking the presence of termites or their waste in door frames, baseboards, doors, cabinets, etc), then the infestation is from a species of termite that we commonly call "drywood termites".

Dry wood termites form their colonies only inside the furniture(s) and, in this case, DOMESTIC CUPINOUT will not perform the desired feat of eliminating the colony exclusively due to the fact that this type of termite does not reach the surface of the furniture. and thus will not consume the bait.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, the CUPINOUT - SAC Customer Service, via Whatsapp, is available at (11) 97848-6432.


kills termites

CUPINOUT baits were developed by observing the biology of termite colonies to produce a product with high attractiveness to obtain a 100% effective result to eliminate termites.


kills termites

CUPINOUT baits are unique for domestic use, providing safety, ease of use, economy and absolute effectiveness

termite bait
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